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Perhaps this whole thing feels a bit daunting and you want to learn more before sending in your application. No problem! Just CLICK HERE and see when Kids Hack Day's Event Catalyst Carl is available for a chat.

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Once your application has been reviewed and accepted you will get access to our event page template containing all branding material you need to brand your event (see sample image).

Get started

Watch the below 3-min video to get a brief overview of important things to keep in mind when organizing a Kids Hack Day event. 




 Go through this entire page, including reading our license agreement at the bottom of the page. Then Send in your application.


Meeting: If your intentions to host an event seem serious (judging from your application) we will contact you to set up a first online meeting.

Access: If we are both happy and you decide to go ahead with your event we will make you admin for your own event page which gives you access to our event page template. This template is hosted on an event service platform called Confetti Events, from our Swedish friends at Confetti Technology. It's pre-filled with suggested content, branding materials and tips for finding sponsors (such as venue, material & cash sponsors) to get you started. 


Confirm:  Once you have filled in all the details about your Kids Hack Day Event and adapted the template to fit your local context you simply send a confirmation email to hello@kidshackday.com so we can review your page.

 If we don't have any more questions we will now publish your event page, link it to your own subdomain [yourcitynamehere].kidshackday.com and put it up on our website under the Upcoming Events section.

AMAZING! Your event has now been made available to the world.


/Team Kids Hack Day

Designing your event

Before you decide on what to do at your event we recommend you decide on how to do it, that is the design of your event. Simply put there are 2 types of events. Parallell moderated workshops and station-based drop-in. We recommend the latter as it is less resource demanding, both when it comes to planning and implementation.

The station-based drop-in format

Station 1: Welcoming & registration

Station 2: Free building & crafts (+ Strawbees material)

Station 3: Robot race (intro to Quirkbot material)

Station 4: Programming (program your robot, requires laptop)


It's always good if all stations are in one big room and that there is a connection between them. For example, if you add a 3D printing or laser cutting station you could focus on printing or cutting personalized eyes and feet for your robot. Remember, this is just a recommendation for an event setup that we know works. Feel free to experiment as much as you want with it.


Possible Outcome 

Watch the below video to get a taste for how a Kids Hack Day event with the above event design could look like in real life. 

Recommended Activities

Start off with free building challenges such as "Who can build the tallest hat?" at the Strawbees station, or add a collaborative challenge to build a sierpinski fractal (see example video here). Moving on to the electronics station you can use the factory program that comes with your Quirkbot to let kids build robots that can participate in a robot race (see example video below). Competition is fun but don't make it too serious. If you are also going with a programming station letting kids design, build and program their own instruments is a great challenge for this station (see example video here).


1. KHD License definitions

1.1. License: The License starts upon the acceptance of the KHD License Agreement and terminates upon the completion of the Licensee’s (see below) organized Kids Hack Day (“KHD”) event or after 1 year from purchase, if the Licensee have paid for annual subscription, upon which the License must be renewed if the Licensee wishes to organize another event.

1.2. Licensee: The Licensee constitutes the individual or the legal entity represented by the individual in legally binding agreements including the License.

1.3. Transfer of rights: The Licensee may not transfer the License Agreement or any of the rights contained therein to a third party.

2. General terms and conditions

2.1. General terms: The License contains the terms and conditions for the Licensee’s usage of the global KHD brand, owned by the legal entity SparkliTech AB. By organising a KHD branded event the licensee agrees to the following: SparkliTech AB declines all responsibility for any activities run by the Licensee under the KHD brand. The Licensee bears full responsibility for any damage caused to individuals or property. Any litigation costs occurring due to damage to individuals, property or misuse of brand is borne by the Licensee.

2.2. Use of the brand: The Licensee agrees not to modify the KHD brand in any way, with the exception of adding city and country name as explained in the video guidelines. The Licensee is not allowed to use the KHD brand in any other digital medium, with exception of the Licensee’s local website, local facebook page, local twitter account and on the websites of local partners to the Licensee, conditional upon the local partners being featured on the Licensee’s local partners site. The Licensee must apply the following format when naming its facebook and twitter: “KHDCityname”. For guidelines on graphic material for social media outlets, please refer to the KHD graphical profile.

2.3. Ticketing terms: The Licensee must at all times provide free tickets to participants or their guardians for an officially approved Kids Hack Day event. A free ticket has to give access to the full event and the Licensee is not allowed to add separate charges for activities run during the event day. The Licensee is however allowed to offer voluntary payments such as donations as an added feature to the free tickets, as well as reserved tickets to paying partners  as long as these tickets are sold through the Kids Hack Day Confetti Event Platform and does not exceed 50% of the total amount of tickets offered. If the Licensee wishes to make such partner- or voluntary-payment-tickets publicly available on his/her official Kids Hack Day Event Page, the Licensee must also always offer Free Tickets. As other sources of funding the Licensee should aim to get another party, such as a company, foundation, science center or school, to pay for all other costs related to the event. The Licensee is allowed to use a different platform than Confetti for ticketing only if all event tickets are free-of-charge and the Licensee has got prior consent from SparkliTech AB.

2.4. Event accessibility: All KHD branded events must be public events with a public event registration page so that anyone has the chance to attend. If the Licensee wishes to host a private event exclusive for people in the Licensee’s network, the event will not be listed on the Kids Hack Day website and permission must be granted first by SparkliTech AB.